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Chocolate is simple yet powerful Tumblr theme with rich capabilities for configuring and customization. You will be able to change in few minutes, even if you do not have any skills in design and HTML!
n-o-l-i-f-e: Should I sink or swim?
Or simply disappear?metztlixochitl: Mictecacihuatl.sinisterexaggerator: forbidden zonexoxoxanel: ☯wormface: Trepanation Nationspicedbites: Dare to bite?evolvedmale: The Evolved Malegoddamnit-shannon: Suffer for Fashionbloodbankskinnylove: fuckyeahbassplayers: Bass! How low can you go?watchyourstep-: blah blah blah.black-sakura: Black Sakura Tumbl Premium Theme
Cool theme! Can I buy it?


You will be able to buy it on themeforest.net

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